St. Rafael

I have selected this saint because he is a healing saint and thought that is probably the best saint to choose because it is the nicest thing to do.


Saint Rafael was a catholic bishop who cared for the wounded,sick and dying.

His feast day: 6 of June

birth: 1878


Beatified: by joan pall.

role model

My role model is Nelson Mandela I chose him because he inspired lots of people to never give up and know matter what people say or if you get put in jail for 27 years. what makes nelson so inspirational is he got put in jail for 27 years and he still made a stand for what he thinks is rite. 1918-2013.

News report

Hi mr Dando, I did the puppy sized spider and when I first saw it I thought it was fake but when I looked closer into the picture and researched I saw that it was real and that it was one of the most poisonous spider in the world.

Where it is: it was found in South America (so luckily its not in Australia)

Records: it has broken the record of the words largest spider,leg spam 30cm (and that is size of a kids for head)
and ways 170 grams
Extra info: if I comes near me i wold be scared
from what I can tell from the pic it is a south American rain florist thank you for your time and bye

Big idea reflection


my sharing was not the bests because we did’t know when to talk at what time and repetitively muddled up my words and kept on looking at the bored and stuffing up

what went well

I think our research went well because I was doing one part of it and he was doing another part of it and we got twice the work done and when it came to presenting we were ready for it

Other person

denial and lincon there one was about Ireland and there history of irland

the best thing I leant was the gold rush 1854 and the nashanl anthom was made by a irland person


Glow sticks
.I think glow sticks look cool
.I think glow sticks are good for party’s
.I think glow sticks are good for party’s
.I think glow sticks are good at nights

I wonder if there is a multi collard glow sticks
I wonder how it’s glows wonder I wonder why you have have to bend it to make it glow
I wonder what’s in the glow stick

It makes me feel happy to be around them
It makes me feel sad when they stop working
It makes me feel existed
It makes me feel electrified


My book review

Do you like action and adventure?

well get another book, this book is about life tips and a bit of comedy.This book is about a kid trying to get populer but when he is just making a fuel of him self, his friend Rowly is making Greg [the main character]  get imberrsed in front of the populer kids.

The best part of it is when he says tips for  high school.

the worst part is when he talks about boring stuff

I wold recommend this book to year 3/4 and some yeah fives